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June 10 2019

TRACE International: ONEX TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS & BUSINESS SOLUTIONS S.A. is certified for a 3rd year in a row for its anti-corruption practices.

ONEX TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS & BUSINESS SOLUTIONS  S.A.(ONEX TS&BS) has been awarded with the TRACE International (Anti-bribery Compliance) international certification for implementing anti-bribery practices for a third consecutive year. The company is certified from 2016 and on for the transparency policy it applies to all its international transactions, thus complying with the relevant U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

With this certification, ONEX TS & BS is part of a global network of companies that have recognized the importance of being committed to promoting the fight against corruption in trade and applying best practices to this end, maintaining their good image and thus create the climate of confidence they need to grow.

So far, TRACE International certified 500 large business organizations worldwide with activities such as pharmaceuticals, aviation, high technology and defense.

ONEX TS & BS is one of the few companies in Greece with extroversion strategy that has persisted on the importance of transparent and honest practices in the global business and financial environment. It has complied with the standards of TRACE, acting as a representative of Greek businesses internationally, thus contributing on improving the country’s image abroad.