Dimos™ - Smart City Solutions

Smart City Solutions. The future of digital city management is here with Dimos, the state-of-the-art infrastructure management platform.

Based on the Internet of Things technology (IoT), ONEX SA offers the ultimate solution for the complete creation of the future’s Smart City!

The Dimos platform offers to local governments solutions for coping with everydaylife problems of a modern city and provides services to citizens such as:

  • Dynamic parking management via telematics (Smart Parking) and mobile apps for smartphones.
  • Flagging of unlawful parking violations and immediate notification to the relevant municipal office.
  • Updates for traffic jams by emails (even for pedestrian traffic levels), accidents and more. Direct traffic incident detection on roads and response by using cameras and sensors.
  • Real-time mapping of noise for specific areas of the metropolitan center with focus areas and collection of environmental data.
  • Control and information on the stability and durability of materials for the construction of historical monuments such as buildings, bridges etc.
  • Measurement of harmful magnetic fields.
  • Information on the metropolitan market through the Smart City Open Mall solution and interconnectivity with Smart Parking.
  • Watch through smart video apps and automated city alert alerts for cities.
  • Wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) services via an existing and new Wireless MESH network.
  • Smart City Lighting” with automatic adjustment to weather conditions
  • Locating and tracking assets related to garbage collection in the city, such as buckets and collection vehicles. Waste management by verifying the actual volume of waste for better disposal.
  • Operation control center with dashboards, imprinting the overall image of city functions.

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