Social Media Analytics: Profilens

Over the past decade, our personal and professional lives have gradually become flooded with social media platforms. Every single day through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Wikipedia etc. millions of people make connections by sharing expressive and communicative content, build professional careers and enjoy online social lives.
A layer of platforms influences human behavior and interaction on an individual, community and social level. As a result the on- line world naturally penetrates the real world!

The influence of Social Media on populations around the world became so immense that Social Networking reflects today Human Behavioral Patterns. Organizations, Corporations, Agencies concerned with preserving integrity and excellent operations tend to apply methods of evaluating organizational behavior mostly through HR Department procedures and insiders.

Yet the question remains: Who in reality is your employee, associate or partner?

PROFILENS by ONEX Technologies Inc, is a pioneering deep insights platform for analyzing Human Behavior in the social sphere, by utilizing multiple sources.

Our service empowers Corporations, Agencies and the Public Sector worldwide and provides valuable data for handling personnel, partnerships and associations issues.

We utilize AI and machine-learning based technology and we analyze billions of data points from a vast amount of Social Media Channels.

Data of human and group behaviors are processed and provide real-time actionable insights. PROFILENS is a next generation cognitive profile computing platform which conducts: Real-time deep analysis and provides actionable insights that empower our clients to strengthen and protect their interests. Its algorithms interact with multiple sources of real time publicly available unstructured data, in order to present a holistic view of individuals and groups. Utilizes cutting-edge technology, this tool reveals comprehensive, far-reaching, and clear insights for its users.

The insights derived from PROFILENS are used by our clients to address various challenges:

  •  Anti-Corruption Compliance
  •  Fraud
  •  Investigations
  •  Human Resources
  •  Organized Retail Crime
  • Public Administration

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