Our People… Our Most Important Asset!

ONEX is a modern and dynamic organization and its primary goal is to respond efficiently and promptly to the constant changes of market conditions. We give emphasis to a customer-oriented development of innovative products and services, which serve our customers’ special needs and requirements.


Our Most Important Asset is Our People

One of the key features that our company relies on in order to maintain a leading position is its people, whose enthusiasm, determination, efficiency, reliability and competitive skills, guarantee the company’s healthy growth.


Believing in excellence, we have selected to manage our human resources by applying effective communication and showing engagement to several practices such as:

• Participative Management which is established by sharing information, assigning project management roles and applying “open door” policy management.
• Assurance of a safe, pleasant and creative working environment.
• Periodical two-way performance evaluation supported by sincere and direct communication between employees and their superiors to identify strengths and weaknesses.
• Personnel rotation so as to exchange knowledge skills and working environment aiming to expand personal capabilities i.e. efficiency.
• Best performers’ rewarding systems and distinctions in order to encourage employees to maintain their good performance and be an example and the inspiration to their colleagues to follow their method by improving their moral and motivation power.
ONEX is the company that gives young and experienced professionals the opportunity to evolve in a constantly challenging working environment.
When you are young you can’t help but pursue your vision. It’s just the power of Mother Nature. ONEX is the most suitable place where young and enthusiastic professionals can find “fertile ground” in order to cultivate their fresh ideas, to flourish and to convert their concepts, along with ONEX’s know-how, experience, infrastructure and support, into innovative products or services, multiplying the benefits for themselves, the company, the human kind and the entire world they live in. Either as an internship, or as an entry level employee, with related (preferably but not exclusively) educational background to ONEX activity fields, we invite newcomers to ONEX to bring along their ideas, their speed and their liveliness.
ONEX’s primary goal is to create technological breakthroughs in its fields of activity. Through specialization we develop our own niches. In order to achieve that, we need specialized professionals to give added value to the projects we undertake and simultaneously, benefit themselves from boosting up their career and experiencing the path of mutual success.
However…“Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise. View life as a continuous learning experience”.
More than true, this Denis Waitley quote reflects ONEX belief in constant change and ONEX philosophy in surpassing obstacles, impulsively perceiving them as opportunities and instantly transforming problems into solutions, because we only see the road ahead. If you want to travel on such a road then we really want you with us to live your own experience, so come on board!
“Success lies in the opposite direction of the natural flow”, wisely said by Jim Rohn (1930-2009).
What could really be more accurate and enlightening nowadays given the unstable, unpredictable and fiercely competitive environment of global economy?
Especially when activating in a continent where particularities of European reality and Hellenic economic status necessitate momentum towards the future, we focused on one-way:
Investing in technology and primary research that would only lead us in gaining industrial and commercial competitive advantage worldwide.
Those who acknowledge that the Next Day for their company is a consequence of Leadership and Excellence, where progress and differentiation result from global supremacy and distinction, have already joined us.
We invite all the rest.
To get acquainted with, to share innovative ideas, to cooperate, and as one, to show that the Next Day for humanity only a Better Day can and will be…
Committed to always share with out shareholders, employees, partners and the society the same mentality of “Long-term benefits through Principles, Excellence and Hard Teamwork”, we are mutually fostering our core capabilities to global leadership.

Going up!

Panos T. Xenokostas,
President & CEO at ONEX SA | Glonatech SA | ONEX Technologies Inc (NY,USA)