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July 03 2019

ONEX Technologies Group: innovative research program "RADAR" for the development of "smart" transceivers with nanotechnology elements for terrestrial, airborne and marine platforms

In the program participate among others, the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, NCSR “Demokritos” and the Hellenic Naval School Academy under the coordination of the Institute for Research and Technology of Crete, Greece.

ONEX Technologies Group participates through its subsidiary GLONATECH S.A.  (Global Nanotechnologies S.A.) in the framework of the “Research-Create-Innovate” action in the “RADAR” program to develop customizable new generation “smart” microwave transceivers that will combine nanotechnology with micro-nanoelectronics.

The purpose of “RADAR” is the creation of a new technological approach to the design, modeling and integrating of innovative new generation power transceivers for a wide range of frequencies and applications.

GLONATECH S.A., is appointed as the head of the fundamental section of material specifications, prototypes and methods, developing and fully characterizing carbon nanotubes and their resin dispersions that form the basis of the thermoelectric interconnections. In addition, it will contribute to the development of the heat management platform, as well as benchmarking and the development of results.

By this participation, ONEX Technologies Group innovates in the transceiver market by grasping a “unique business window opportunity” for applications including future 5G wireless networks to on-board terrestrial and airborne radars, creating products with increased functionality that extend beyond state-of-the-art technology and open up new horizons in the future of nanotechnology.