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MARCH 21.03.2018

ONEX Group at the New Greek Minister of National Defense

The Greek-American ONEX Group of Companies’ meeting with the New Greek Minister of National Defense


The New Greek Minister of National Defense, Fotis Kouvelis welcomed, on Wednesday 21, 2018 the President & CEO of the Greek-American ONEX Group of Companies, Mr. Panos Xenokostas and senior executives of the company along with representatives of the employees’ unions of the Group and the Neorion Shipyards.


The meeting, which took place at the Minister’s office, focused on the Group’s investment activities as well as on its vast potential in Greece through ONEX Syros Shipyards in shipbuilding and shipping technologies and to issues relevant to the Hellenic Ministry of National Defense with particular interest in the development of new technological solutions.

The timing of this visit coincides with the reopening of Neorion Syros as well as with the first tanking of a commercial vessel in the shipyard after a long period of time.