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DECEMBER 12.12.2017

An impressive presentation of the ONEX SA Dimos: Smart City Solution at the Re: Redifine Technology event.

An impressive presentation of the ONEX SA Dimos: Smart City Solution at the Re: Redifine  Technology event on Tuesday, December 12, 2017, in Athens, Greece.

ONEX SA was represented by the Innovative Solutions for Municipalities & Cities Development Team. The event aimed at the mutual development of commercial relations between Greek and Hungarian companies in the field of innovative technology through the “Business Grove” support platform.

In the interesting presentation “Smart Cities: Improving Citizens’ Everyday Life”, Mr. Lampros Fotos, Executive Business Consultant, ONEX SA, presented the technological development and improvement of everyday life giving emphasis on smart cities through the company’s perspective. ONEX SA presented the importance of new innovative applications for the vision of citizens’ welfare in the local communities and the actions necessary for its implementation. It then briefly outlined the innovative solution package of ONEX SA “Dimos: Smart City Solution”. Dimos brings together all these Internet of Things technologies that solve common but important problems of urban populations such as:

– Parking management

– Traffic congestion

– Mapping of noise

– Waste management

In addition, it includes, among other things, options such as:

– Information systems for citizens.

– “Smart” public transport stops with constant updates

– Access services to Wi-Fi in all metropolitan points.

– “Smart” street lighting for economy (adapting to weather conditions).

– Control center with a total imprint of all the city’s functions.

– The creation of “open malls” enabling consumers to make their purchases in an open environment so as to boost local economy and win local retailers who have been “absorbed” in recent years by large shopping malls.

The event was conducted under the auspices of the Hungarian Embassy and was attended by the Ambassador of Hungary to Greece, Erik Haupt, as well as representatives of large municipalities offering “smart” services to their citizens and various private companies.

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