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JULY 27.07.2018

New fiber Optic Network by ONEX SA for the City of Athens

New fiber optic network by ONEX SA upgrades the physical and telecommunications infrastructure of the City of Athens – Major reduction of the energy footprint and maintenance costs

The ICT Department of ONEX SA sets the foundations of the infrastructure for the transformation of the City of Athens into a Smart City.

On Wednesday, 25/07/2018, ONEX SA was awarded with the upgrading of the physical and telecommunications infrastructure of the Municipal building at Liosion St., Metropolitan Athens, through the development of a new fiber optic network that supports applications such as IP telephony, modern conference centers, physical security etc.

The network upgrading of the specific building, includes the installation of low-energy networking solutions and a complete 720 FTTO (Fiber to the Office) work stations system. Its implementation will result to:

  • Reduction of energy consumption and network operation costs of up to 40%
  • Reduction of maintenance costs and total costs of the network
  • Improvement of the use of the site and the technical services of the Municipality in future structural and spatial changes
  • The operation of modern and secure network equipment (Computer Room)

The award of such an important upgrading project is an example of the confidence shown by the local governments to the ICT solutions developed by ONEX SA which contribute to the modernization of municipal infrastructures across the country and the transition to the new era of Smart Cities.