Social Media Analytics: Nestor

The influence of Social Media on populations around the world became so immense that Social Networking reflects today Human Behavioral Patterns.

Organizations, Corporations, Agencies, Financial Institutions and Banks concerned with

preserving integrity, trust and preservation of funds for their shareholders have minimum ways

to secure themselves by imposters since traditional data resources are insufficient.

NESTOR by ONEX Technologies Inc. interacts with multiple sources of data from the social

sphere, identifying and analyzing relevant data in order to present financial institutions with

information on an applicant’s character, credibility, and financial stability that helps users better

assess the risk an applicant might pose.

We utilize AI and machine-learning based technology and we analyze billions of data points

from a vast amount of Social Media Channels. Data of human and group behaviors are

processed and provide real-time actionable insights.

NESTOR makes effective Social Media investigation by:

  • Collecting & building social data
  • Creating Social Network Data Bases
  • Utilizing Analytical Tools
  • Utilizing Professional Analysts Team consisting of specialists in Social Media

The insights derived from NESTOR are used by our clients to:

  • Increase overall revenues and profitability
  • Serve and approve more applicants
  • Identify fraudulent behavior in real time
  • Enhance customer experience

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