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SEPTEMBER 25.09.2017

A Major Success for ONEX SA Technology at the Service of the Greek Port Authorities:
More than 280,000 boxes of smuggled cigarettes detected by the ZBV X-Ray Van of Patras’ Port Authority

Another success story of ONEX’s ZBV vehicles against trafficking in narcotics and illegal substances:

The special X-ray detection vehicle (ZBV) of the Port of Patras identified on 21/09/2017 a truck with 280,000 boxes of smuggled cigarettes.

Specifically, after a detailed inspection carried out in the southern port of Patras, by the Regional Drug Enforcement Team with the utilization of an X-RAY VAN of ONEX SA, in a lorry destined for Italy, 28,324 boxes smuggled cigarettes of various brands were detected hidden in pallets with yogurt (i.e. 280,000 packages containing 5,664,800 cigarettes). For this load the driver of the vehicle did not submit any legal invoices or accompanying documents.

Once again, the X-ray Illegal Cargo Detection Vehicles that joined the Hellenic Coast Guard’s capacity in 2015 and were supplied by ONEX SA, have proven and demonstrated in practice their contribution to the struggle against organized crime and in saving significant revenue for the Greek state.

The ZBV Vehicle commission of the Port Authority, amounting to 3.2 million euros, is a prime example of a successful public investment in high technology systems that yielded fruitful and multiple benefits over the past two years.