Digitization Solutions

Document Management

Today, digital information prevails over all other forms of it. However, the document management

process often becomes very tedious. In this framework, every enterprise and organization should get

acquainted with the most reliable solutions for document digitization & management solutions, in order

to efficiently and effortlessly manage its data.


ONEX provides a series of customized document digitization & management solutions and services, as

well as special hardware and software:

Various types of scanners (flatbed, cylinder drum, book and microfilm).

Digital cameras

Special electronic file converting & data entry software.

Management & archiving software,as well as the relative professional services provided by highly-skilled

personnel in order to efficiently support the execution of the related tasks.


We also deliver efficient enterprise content management solutions.

These solutions work closely with legacy systems and effectively automate business processes.

By applying these solutions it becomes extremely easy to do document management in a secure



We provide integration with tools like:

  • Office automation
  • Electronic mail and certified e-mail
  • ERP systems
  • Business management solutions

ONEX’s standard digitization solutions are applicable at various business sectors and industries,

including financing/banking, insurance, health and large public & private organizations.


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