What is the meaning of CSR at ONEX S.A.

Committed by all means to corporate social responsibility principles, ONEX is held accountable to all of its operations and activities, aiming to achieve sustainable development not only in the financial dimension but also at social and environmental level.

Through ONEX΄s business processes, a positive impact on our society is produced.

It is not only the best practices combining excellence, ethos and efficiency in our manner of working; this is something nonnegotiable and self-evident.

ONEX performs actions of corporate philanthropy, which many of them remain silent in the public but well known within the company organization.

These actions are the reflections of ONEX philosophy and culture; they are also the everyday injections to our people of what is the meaning of life, the meaning of what we do; they are the leap of faith for our personnel, our stakeholders, for the society, for the entire world.

Within the enormous difficulties that many groups of people face around the world and within the huge negative effects and dangers for the environment and the sustainability of planet Earth, ONEX struggles to best allocate the dedicated resources to corporate social responsibility.

By trying to incorporate philanthropic activities to various sectors in need, ONEX has selected to contribute to families and especially children who suffer from poverty as well as to people who face serious health problems and cannot support their medical treatment etc.

One of the main CSR domains in ONEX, is the financial support of variable athletic teams of young people.

Athletic activities are valuable not only to form integer personalities (especially when children begin their involvement with athletics from young age avoiding wrong paths and options in life) but also represent the virtues of fighting for a cause, of struggling to change oneself and exceed oneself towards good.

In others words, represent the ultimate goal and dream of human development.

Values such as quality, communication, profits, competitiveness, sustainability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction are all related to our ethical rules.



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