At ONEX TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS &BUSINESS SOLUTIONS we welcome applications from any enthusiastic, inspired, open-minded, challenge-seeking candidate with sincere interest to join our team.

We welcome all associates who believe that “sky is the limit” in their lives!! For us this is not just a phrase, but the main pillar of the way we work every day. In ONEX TS&BS we have only partners and not employees.
Considering a new Career related to various technology fields?

ONEX TS&BS welcomes all those professionals who perceive themselves as future leaders and want to make a difference in times of a constant evolving business environment. If you have the appropriate qualifications and personal characteristics that match our fields of activity and corporate culture, then our company can definitely provide you the ideal business environment to fulfill your professional goals and personal ambitions.
Either to a young professional interested in an internship, or to an experienced professional aiming to move their career path not just one, but many steps forward in all aspects, ONEX TS&BS offers multiple ways to fulfill their dreams. We lead the future.

Why working with ONEX TS&BS should interest you?

Dear candidate choose ONEX TS&BS because you dream of:

  • Personal development through enhancing emotional intelligence capabilities.—
  • Professional evolution through challenging job openings and tasks, participation in new projects, on-the-job training, know-how sharing, life-long learning programs, corporate mobility opportunities (rotation, promotion), constant company culture building, business traveling, contacts and networking expansion that can give impetus to your career.-
  • Balanced life between work and personal time, by providing high-tech equipment and organizing procedures of functional superiority, which guarantee quality of work and respectable working environment and conditions.
  • Self-awareness, self-regulation, social skills, empathy and motivation are fundamentals for our entire life. You learn how to be self-responsible when you actually get in charge of a challenging task and accomplish it.

Often you learn how not to make a mistake when you actually make it. You learn how to behave in a better way as a member of a group when you actually are a part of a dynamic team and interact with others.
ONEX TS&BS is your choice of employment because you know how to dream…

If you do so, please do not hesitate to contact us today at Submit your resume and consider the prospect of cooperating with ONEX TS&BS either as an internal or an external partner/freelancer and pursue major challenges and attractive opportunities worldwide.
Keep track of our forthcoming announcements and job advertisements and we will be happy to meet you soon in person.

Current Job Openings:

Software Support Engineer / Developer