Business Intelligence


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Do enterprises have interest in using business intelligence tools and solutions?

Modern enterprises and organizations require effective strategic, tactical, and operational insights in order to efficiently support decision-making.


ONEX SA delivers easy-to- use and efficient integrated Business Intelligence tools, consisting of hardware and special software, thus providing to its customers complete business data analysis and decision support capabilities.


Our relative solutions provide to our customers:

The exact information they need, when they need it and in the right format, offering a unified – robust – flexible presentation layer, for the full range of data analysis capabilities


These capabilities include the following:

  •  Statistics
  •  Predictive Analytics
  •  Data and Text Mining
  •  Forecasting
  •  Optimization

The above are all integrated within the business context for better & faster decision making.

ONEX’s business intelligence tools and solutions are applicable at various business sectors and industries like:

  •  Financing/banking
  •  Insurance
  •  Health
  •  Large public & private organizations