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March 03 2019

ONEX TS & BS at 1st OLYMPIA FORUM, Ancient Olympia, Greece: ONEX's contribution to Digital Transformation and Technology for Citizens.

ONEX Technology Systems & Business Solutions participated in the 1st Olympia Forum, Development Conference of the Peloponnese, held on 15-17 February 2019, in Ancient Olympia, Greece.

The company was represented by Mr. Lampros Fotos, Executive Business Consultant, ONEX TS & BS. In the section “DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION & TECHNOLOGY”, Mr. Fotos presented the solutions and products designed by the Research and Development Team of ONEX TS & BS on the latest trends in digital technology.

The following solutions and products of ONEX TS & BS were presented:

  • For the transformation of Greek urban centers into “Smart Cities”: the Dimos platform, which offers solutions for smart parking, cleanliness, organization of centers, environmental protection with reduction of the energy footprint and simultaneously cost reduction.
  • Security: the ASPIS C4i system that protects crucial strategic infrastructures and the ONEX TS & BS special cyber security software.
  • Health: The Asclepiades® preventive telemedicine system, which performs direct medical examinations and monitors the health of individuals from a distance and without geographical constraints
  • Economy: The AGROS intelligent farming system as well as the optimization platform for the production of industrial and other products (“Smart Production”).
  • Education: the ONEX Digital Library’s solution for web applications, which is tested even in the most demanding environments.
  • Quality of life: the modern Blockchain platform for collecting information on products (food) from their production site to their processing and marketing.

ONEX TS & BS’s Research and Development Division has completed all the solutions that it has developed over the last few years, contributing to the modernization of all kinds of infrastructure across the country with the strategic goal of shifting to the new era of the Internet of Things.

The triptych that follows ONEX Technology & Business Solutions is:

Solutions for a greener city, a more “quality” everyday life and a more “smart” future…