ONEX Aviation Services.

At ONEX aviation, aerospace, aircraft and airplane services division we design solutions to meet your need and exceed your expectations.

Starting from individual part sales to comprehensive program implementation, we design spare parts, parts manufacturing, parts assembly, repair service coordination, upgrades, modifications, field service technical assistance and maintenance project management.


Having as key pillars the competitive pricing and superior quality assurance, we all working in unison with dedicated, well-qualified employees to provide our customers with the top-notch value they deserve.


Specifically, our specialized and skilled Engineers & Technicians can provide services for:


Aircraft & Helicopter Maintenance

Aviation Logistics Support


These products and services are supported by a multilingual team of personnel of whom we are justifiably proud.

With their wide range of experience in the aviation market, they are often able to offer

parts-selection advice and price-sensitive alternatives.


Our team members work in conjunction utilizing their vast knowledge and contacts to ensure a winning combination every time. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal.