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SEPTEMBER 06.09.2017

Another important infrastructure project by ONEX SA:
ONEX SA was awarded a contract for the implementation of an integrated data interconnection and transmission solution for the operation of the electronic ticket system of Athens Metro.

On Wednesday, September 6, 2017, ONEX SA and ATTIKO METRO SA (Athens Metro) signed the contract for the procurement of equipment for the data transmission system of the Metro lines 2 & 3 for the installation of the automatic tariff collection system (ASRS) OASA.

The scope of the contract includes the study, the procurement of the necessary new interface and data transmission equipment (power supplies, node cards, wiring, etc.), the software and the necessary modifications and upgrades, at local and central level and the upgrading of the modified system.

The implementation of this project by ONEX SA is of a great importance for the operation of ATTIKO METRO SA and OASA since the activation of the automatic collection system will result in a significant increase of the revenues of both organizations and it will decrease, or will completely eradicate, the cash flow leakage that suffer from the most frequent phenomenon of “free-riding” into metro trains and mass transit in general.