The βellerophon ™ Cyber Protection System

Cyber attacks emerged as a threat along with the development of the IT Industry. In the earlier days, cyber threats were orchestrated by amateur hackers.

Today have come under the realm of organized crime and terrorism being carried out by expert professionals.Rival enterprises and even nation-states damage the intellectual and financial assets of businesses and nations.

Organizations are being compromised and losing assets every day. As a result, cyber risks have become a very significant issue for management teams globally and Cybersecurity became nowadays a board-level issue for corporations across the world.


βellerophon™ by ONEX Technologies Inc., is an enterprise –level cyber detection, forensics and incident response software that brings unprecedented speed, scalability and capability to cyber forensics support and incident response.


Through the use of truly distributed processing architecture, βellerophon’s Smart Agents™ allow each endpoint to become its own forensic-grade investigative system, providing Total Dynamic Visibility (TDV)™ into each endpoint—while still allowing the users of those systems to perform their daily work uninterrupted.  Traditional Incident Response requires staff to prepare analysis workstations, arrange travel, fly to your site, and create duplicate copies of potentially affected computers before analysis even begins.  βellerophon’s  Instant Response™ often allows security personnel to investigate and complete the response before traditional Incident Responders have even arrived on-site. βellerophon™ truly enhances your organization’s Speed to Resolution.

βellerophon™ is the next generation cyber solution which provides:

  • Advanced Threat Protection Integration
  • Unprecedented Speed to Resolution (S2R) – 100x faster than competition
  • 100% Analysis or the Running Processes
  • Automated Intelligent Security
  • Rapid Response
  • Unprecedented Key Metric: Speed to Resolution (S2R)™ – 100x faster than competition
  • Low Cost of Ownership


βellerophon is unique for:

  • The speed at which it works
  • Detecting breaches within hours
  • Concurrently analyzing any number of endpoints across the entire enterprise
  • Resolving of incident response within days
  • Reducing costs up to 75%