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ONEX S.A. is a leader company in providing high-tech solutions in both public and private sector internationally.

Since its establishment in 2004, ONEX implements successfully in Greece and abroad projects characterized by high complexity and high demands, providing high quality services in the following areas:

Informatics & Telecommunications
Civil Protection and Crisis Management
Aviation Support
Business & Administration Support
Nanotechnology and Materials Technology

ONEX S.A. adopting cutting-edge technologies offers high quality solutions, meeting in the best possible way the increased and ever-changing needs of its customers.

Having at its disposal experienced and specialized technical personnel, the company has managed to become leader of its sector.

ONEX has also established a network of partnerships with the largest and best known and leading international manufacturers worldwide.

The company undertakes the implementation of demanding and large-scale projects combining high quality services with competitive cost, considering the protection of both human life and environment.


ZBV – X-ray illegal cargo detection Van

On May 8th 2014, ONEX S.A. delivered to the Ministry of Shipping, Maritime Affairs and the Aegean three (3) state of the art X-ray mobile systems (VANs) for the detection of Illegal cargoes.

The “turn-key” project implementation by ONEX, included the procurement, parametrization, operators’ training, follow-on-support and operational support of the so named ZBV mobile units.

ZBV acronym comes from: “Z” for the fact that the system detects carefully hidden organic substances according to their atomic- Z number, “B” corresponds to the fact that the innovative Backscatter technology is employed and V for the covert Vehicle footprint of the system.

ZBV is the most flexible, least expensive, most widely-deployed, non-intrusive mobile illegal cargo detection/ screening system on the market today. The manufacturer of the system, the American giant in security products, AS&E has supplied more than 500 units worldwide, half of them outside US.

The Hellenic Coast Guard is at the forefront with the operational activation of the three (3) ZBV trucks, and with the active support of ONEX personnel, will achieve a determined hurt to organized crime, i.e. tax evasion, smuggling and migrant trafficking.

Check more information on the ZBV mobile Screening System by ONEX SA.

The system exhibits superior detection of concealed explosives, stowaways, drugs, weapons, explosives and other organic threats as well as contraband (i.e. cigarettes, alcoholic beverages etc.).

It is easy-to-use with maximum flexibility and maneuverability making scanning practical. Its exterior appearance refers to an ordinary delivery Van of small size, compared to the cargo Lorries and containers under investigation.

Thus, its operation is highly discreet.

It provides a high throughput screening of vehicles and cargo with photo-like imaging for rapid analysis.

Allows for scanning stacked containers, container ends, roadside objects, lightly-constructed structures, adjacent vehicles parked in lots or garages and more.

Whilst due to the high level of system automation, its operation can rely upon just one person.

The driver could be simultaneously the X-ray detection/ screening operator by screening suspect cargoes to determine which containers have anomalies and require further inspection or to confirm that containers declared “empty” are empty indeed.

Other state entities who could be beneficiaries of this Hellenic Coast Guard initiative: Port Authorities, Border Security and Control offices, Airports, Customs, Immigration offices, Border Police, and Government / Military Agencies.

Check out a related source for a port security system named C4i by ONEX SA.

Given the current estimations about the volume of financial illegal activities in the three major ports of Greece, the systems will pay back their value in just one (1) year of daily operation.

Click here to access our Free white paper about ONEX’s X-Ray inspection Van screening system



The ASKLIPIADIS health security system refers to preventive telemedicine and remote monitoring of the health status of the subjects (patients, athletes, elderly people).

It can be potentially applied for:

  1. Conducting examinations to patients,
  2. Monitoring the health status of patients and elderly people in real-time,
  3. Monitoring the health status of athletes in real-time, located everywhere, even in remote or mountainous/isolated areas, through the web, or with the use of a mobile telephone, PC or any wired or wireless device, without the presence of specialized medical personnel.

The ASKLIPIADIS solution is actually an integrated telemedicine platform, comprised of special wearable hardware (vests with incorporated medical sensors) – called A-NODE – and a communication and computer system, which can collect and process medical data.
The special vests contain all the necessary medical and electronic equipment to collect medical data from examined people and dispatch them to the central platform via mobile network in real-time.

This data is blood pressure, heart beat, sugar and oxygen levels in blood, temperature and breathing air flow levels.
A central computing system, called A-MS, is responsible for receiving, storing and processing of all dispatched medical data using Cloud Computing Technologies, generating reports, statistics and alerts and also exchange information with 3rd party medical applications (ERP, MIS, SAP).

The central computing system can be installed in the premises of the customer (hospitals, medical centers etc), or medical data collected by the vests can be offered by ONEX SA to the customer as a service (Software as a Service – SaaS model).

Potential application areas include organizations offering medical services, medics, hospitals, nursing homes, state healthcare institutions, social security organizations, local government and athletic associations.

The system can be sold to the prospective customers, that means installing and operating the system in the IT infrastructure of the client (diagnostic center), or can be offered in the basis of a subscription service without the customer having to invest funds for the creation of an IT and/or Network Infrastructure.


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