ONEX nanomaterials company focuses on empowering and developing new nanomaterials with the use of Nanotechnology. Empowered materials (nanotechnology enhanced) exhibit significantly improved properties compared to conventional ones and present additional characteristics, making them more functional and versatile.

Nanostructured composites for instance, used in aerospace and automotive industry, are stronger and lighter, while at the same time they possess extra electrical and thermal properties, creating a new category of hybrid materials.

Nanostructured coatings, another field of nanostructured composites, when used in marine industry result in enhanced anti-fouling performance. Empowered materials inherit their exceptional properties from the raw nanomaterials, the composites matrix is combined with.

ONEX is a material science solutions provider.

As a producer of the most advanced nanomaterials in industrial scale worldwide and at the same time having introduced effective combination methodologies for numerous applications, Onex is able to meet any requirements for the development of new nanostructured products for any market.

Contact us with your specifications for your envisioned product and we shall create it for you as per your true needs.

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