Nanotechnology Industry

Nanotechnology Industry


Glonatech is ONEX’s subsidiary company that offers exclusive & custom solutions, nanomaterials, products, nanotechnology applications and services to global enterprises and partners.

One of the most challenging issues with promising nanotechnology research is to take it out of the lab and bring it into real-life applications.

This is what Innovation is meant to do.

Having significant R&D achievements so far, we have expanded the laboratory output to numerous differentiated applications of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), in a wide area of industries. We have transformed raw material into effective and useful industrial products.

We produce standard series of products as well as customized on demand whenever is requested. Our material technology expertise has led and continues to lead to applications in automotive, aviation, electronics, coatings, composites, energy, medical and sports industries among others.

Global needs, Energy and Environment Sustainability, push Technology towards the development of new and more advanced materials, having superior and combined characteristics compared to conventional ones.

It is evident that this path passes through Nanotechnology. Tell us what you envision for your end-product to be, what you wish to provide to your end-customer and…

We will develop the proper product/solution for you to satisfy your needs.

Acting as a Material Science Solutions Provider, ONEX applies Nanotechnology, focusing on:
Nanotechnology Applications
Partnering / Nanotechnology Services

ONEX is active in applied research:
• We constantly produce innovation
• We focus on commercialization of Nanotechnology and we improve the quality of life by providing nanotechnology/material science solutions to product manufacturers.

Nanotechnology has plenty of uses in water filtration systems, aviation, shipbuilding industry, medicine, health, plastics etc.