The project: CALCHAS – Development of an integrated analysis safety and security system for the effective fire conservancy of forests.


ONEX SA has co-funded and actively participated in the project CALCHAS.

Also co-funded by the European program LIFE + (Environment Policy and Governance), the project’s main objective was the development of an Integrated Forest Fire Analysis System (IFFAS) for the effective management of forest fire incidents and the conservancy of forests, which would provide an important tool in the hands of competent bodies for preventing and immediately responding to incidents of fire in forest ecosystems.

The pilot implementation of the project was carried out in two forest areas of significant ecological importance:

• the Mountain of Grammos in Greece
• and the mountain of Troodos in Cyprus

Upon completion of the project, IFFAS was available to the competent authorities, consisting of:

  • two (2) sets of GIS Databases consisting of flora and risk analysis data
  • a fully competent fire analysis & simulation platform
  • a network of meteorological stations appropriately placed in order to feed on-line the developed fire analysis & simulation platform with real-time data.

The participants in the project along with ONEX were:

  • Agricultural University of Athens
  • National Technical University of Athens
  • Terra Nova Environmental Engineering Ltd
  • Arcturos NGO
  • Union of Cyprus Communities


The significant contribution of ONEX to the project, relates to the design, development and deployment of a network of prototype Meteorological Stations, which consists of ten (10) stations in each one of the two areas of particular interest.

Each one of the stations is equipped with sensors to provide real-time data for:

• air temperature
• humidity
• wind velocity and direction
is designed to have power autonomy , supports a wireless communication system for the real-time communication with the platform (model) through mobile network, has the capability to store the measurements with a special designed system (data logger) in case of communication failure, and includes anti lighting protection in order to avoid destruction by storms.

Read more about what happened at the presentation of Calchas project at AUA and more details about the implementation of Calchas fire security solution for forests.