About Us

About Us


To become the leading high-tech enterprise solutions provider for companies in the public and private sector, internationally, that helps our customers optimize their companies’ productivity and business value


Our mission is to offer our customers turn – key scientific solutions aiming to create competitive advantage and upgrade business efficiency, by incorporating all the changes of the new era. We convert our customers’ business demands into valuable business results within their predetermined budget and time.


1. Increase company awareness and establish a leading position in the area of high technology solutions with image enhancing activities.
2. Acquire high specialization in our areas of expertise ensuring thus our competitive advantage.
3. Develop strategic partnerships in the wider region of the North Eastern Europe.

Our History

ONEX SA was established in 2004 under the name Defencom SA and became ONEX HELLENIC SA in January 2008. At the end of 2012 the company became ONEX SA.
ONEX’s driving force for development, expansion and innovation was always characterized by eagerness to provide tailor made solutions to its customers so as to optimize their companies’ productivity and business value:


2007: We invest in training and operating our Business Service Center
2008: We invest in engineering and prototype design security systems for critical infrastructures
2009: We invest in a large scale Digitization Service Center in Greece
2009: Entry in Nanotechnology Market (GLONATECH SA)
2010: We successfully produce the very first quantities of the highest purity, nanotubes worldwide.
2010: We invest in establishing a high expertise team in MRO & Aero structure services
2011: We invest in establishing one of the most “state of the art” laboratories for nanomaterial in the region.
2011: We invest in acquiring one of the most experienced teams in the region  in telecommunications engineering and consulting
2012: We invest in establishing the first nanotube industry in the region
2013: The US company ONEX Technologies INC. is established in New York
2013: Onex launches a new representation office in Brussels
2014: ONEX SA is selected as one of the final 100 best European Companies and receives the honorary title “Ruban d’ Honneur”
2014: Panos T. Xenokostas, ONEX SA President & CEO, is nominated (among 10 finalists) for the Best European Entrepreneur at the 2014 European Business Awards, in Athens, Greece.
2015: Panos T. Xenokostas, is awarded as one of the 10 best Entrepreneurs in Europe, for the second consecutive year, at the European Business Awards 2014/15 in London.

How Can You Benefit by choosing ONEX as your Enterprise Solution Provider
ONEX is a leading high-tech enterprise solutions provider for companies in the public and private sector, internationally. Our eagerness to provide tailor made solutions to our customers so as to optimize their companies productivity and business value has been our driving force for development, expansion and innovation.

We are a leading Aviation Industry partner with global collaborations offering Assembly/ Construction/ Aerostructure services, as well as MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) and Aviation Logistics.

Our integrated solutions are the outcome of High Technological achievements, designed with all the top notch features of custom designed business intelligence tools.

From its foundation, ONEX successfully undertakes complex, challenging projects in Greece as well as abroad focusing on customer requirements in light of differentiation and business excellence.

Our fine experts in combination with our global esteemed network of collaborators and loyal clientele have resulted in our exponential growth.

We offer a substantial and diverse portfolio of innovative and tailor-made solutions in the following fields:
Aviation Industry and Defense
Nanotechnology & Advanced Material Technology
Security (Civil Protection & Crisis Management)
• Public and Administration (Business Services)

By selecting us as your technology partner you instantly enjoy the following benefits:
• Customized high quality & cost efficient systems and solutions development
• Clear and detailed analysis of YOUR requirements
• Close cooperation with customer in all solution development phases
• Utilization of various innovative technologies and systems based on a rich portfolio of vendors providing a wide range of options meeting customers’ expectations
• Design based on best practices and international standards
• Highly skilled and experienced engineers & technicians
• Easy integration with existing systems
• Full solution life-cycle support and maintenance
• Provision of full training and documentation to customer
• Know-how transfer

Main Areas of Activity:
• Integrated Solutions
We work close to our customers, throughout the whole process of development and implementation in order to meet effectively their special requests and offer the best possible business solution as well as complete Business Process Outsourcing services. This way we ensure that the desired outcome produces the maximum value for our customers.

Wide experience combined with high caliber personnel result in turnkey solutions that incorporate the best technology and allow flexibility for future systems upgrades. Our team actively participates in the after sale phase, in order to ensure proper functioning, trustworthy results and immediate follow up. Superior service and knowledge transfer are important factors in the quality assurance of service provided.

• Technology Solutions & Business Services
ONEX’s aim is the rendering of innovative tailor made solutions that consist of systems and services offered to its customers.

The company applies the most recent information technology and telecommunication systems. We realize that technologically advanced procedures and administrative processes play the most important role to the development of the solutions offered to our customers.

Onex’s resources accomplish large scale projects on-time and on-budget using a large portfolio of vendors and strategic partners expanding our technology expertise and multiplying our dynamic capabilities to implement the most complicated projects. The combination of proper strategic partners, technological know-how, personnel expertise and efficient workflow of procedures ensure the delivery of the most sophisticated solutions.

• Product & Prototype Design
Our company, effectively being an advanced technology solutions provider, strives to continuously re-innovate its portfolio of products and services and aims to increase the value and quality for our customers. Engineering and Product Design acts as the provider of the innovation policy of ONEX.

It combines creative thinking, where ideas and suggestions for new products and services come from, technical and research capabilities, market demands and trends and techno-economical requirements, in order to direct company’s efforts and resources to the right opportunities, thus maximizing corporate efficiency, return on investment, profitability and competitive advantage on the long run.

• Advanced Materials Science
ONEX offers exclusive & custom solutions, nanomaterials, products, nanotechnology applications and services to global enterprises and partners through its subsidiary company Glonatech (Glonatech.com). ONEX exploits promising nanotechnology research to take it out of the lab and bring it into real-life applications with enormous benefits in terms of human development.

Our Innovation Practices
Innovation is the art of making successful products out of good ideas. Innovation is a way of thinking, acting, working.

For ONEX, this is our favorite way of working, for two reasons:
• It is strongly linked to Change Management and the capability of a company to adapt to rapidly changing and unsteady environments
• It drives creativity and continuous exploration for better and new products, which is vital for knowledge-intensive technology providers like ONEX

Innovation is the critical element which boosts the continuous growth of the company.

All activities of the company, R&D, Engineering & Product Design, Production, Administration are aligned and focused on delivering successful products and services, meeting the requirements of our clients and the needs of the market.

Best performance and competitive advantage of the company in the long run, has been accomplished by a combination of incremental and radical innovation strategy.

While incremental innovation is responsible for keeping the company in line with technological progress and preserving its viability in the short term, radical innovation is responsible for maintaining the competitive advantage in the long term by producing breakthrough technologies.

ONEX achievements in the Nanotechnology sector are the solid evidence of HOW proven Innovation of the future is delivered today.

Our team at ONEX Solution Providers wish you have the most outstanding day!

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