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From its foundation, ONEX successfully implements complex, challenging projects globally, in the fields of Aerospace and Aviation Industry (like top aircraft maintenance services) as well as of Business services (i.e best business process outsourcing solutions). Cutting-edge ICT solutions, security solutions, investments in aviation industry as well as in new technologies & innovative solutions, like Nanotechnology, promoted our company into a leading technology solutions group in Europe.

We are focusing on customers’ requirements in light of differentiation and business excellence. Our fine experts in combination with our global esteemed network of collaborators and loyal clientele have resulted in our exponential growth.

Specifically, numerous applications of Integrated Solutions, Technology Solutions and Business Services, Engineering and Product Design as well as Advanced Materials are implemented in terms of cost effectiveness and superior quality, guaranteeing our partners' competitive advantages

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Integrated Solutions

ONEX offers a substantial and diverse portfolio of innovative and tailor-made solutions in the fields of Public and Administration, ICT and Security, Defense and Aviation, and Nanotechnology.
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Technology & Business Services

ONEX’s mission is the rendering of innovative tailor made solutions that consist of systems and services offered to its customers. The company applies the most recent information technology and telecommunication systems.
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Product & Prototype Design

ONEX, effectively being an advanced technology provider, strives to continuously re-innovate its portfolio of products and services and aims to increase the value and quality for our customers.
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Advanced Products & Materials Enhancement

Global needs, Energy and Environment Sustainability, push Technology towards the development of new and more advanced materials, having superior and combined characteristics compared to conventional ones.
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Leadership Through Excellence

Through the exploitation of state of the art technologies, advanced professional expertise, customer-centric function and respect to the environment, ONEX ultimately creates the future of human development.


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About ONEX

ONEX is a leading high-tech enterprise solutions provider for companies in the public and private sector, internationally. Our eagerness to provide tailor made solutions to our customers so as to optimize their companies’ productivity and business value has been our driving force for development, expansion and innovation.
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